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Hibou Mécanique

Hibou Mécanique
2007, Supermegacorporation
Cat# SMC08 CD

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Supermegacorporation Mail Order

01. Mars
02. The French
03. The Ambassador
04. Moteur à Vapeur
05. Stumpytown
06. Gertie
07. Hibou Mécanique
08. Fantôme et Pomme de Terre
09. Message for Tomorrow from the People of the Future
10. L'île Hippie
11. My Fist, Your Face
12. Bloody Head and Goose
13. Necklace Made of Human Ears
14. Un Sac De Chatons

White Night, Floating Anchor

White Night, Floating Anchor
2002, Emperor Jones Records, Cat# EJ52 CD


"The title song is a six-minute wonder of waltz-time ballroom doom, its dreaded air tempered with high-pitched vocals of the instantly recognizable Linda Hagood, while 'Valuable Duck Floats Through Lily Pond' is their crowning achievement, Matt Hall's gently barked vocals answering the band's seductive crawl." - Craig, Emperor Jones

Falling Lanterns

Falling Lanterns
2000, Emperor Jones Records, Cat# EJ31 CD


"Until (if?) the Thinking Fellers record another album, there's the fellow San Franciscan quartet Double U filling in for them. Purposefully wacked indie-melodies with plenty of nods to the ethnomusicological damage of the Sun City Girls and recalling the golden age of San Francisco art rock (Residents, Snakefinger, and the rest of Ralph Records)." - Aquarius Records, San Francisco

Glands Of External Secretion

The Double U vs. Glands of External Secretion
1998, VHF Records, Cat# VHF31 2xCD

Recording available from
Midheaven Mail Order   &  
Double U - Absurd Fjord

"The Double U performs its captivating murky minimalistic rockishness on disc one of this 2-disc set, then on disc two Glands of External Secretion remixes the former's tracks into a jolting nightmare that lingers in the back of your mind." - Prem Lall's Faves for 1997, KUSF San Francisco, 90.3 FM

Absurd Fjord

Absurd Fjord
1996, Communion Records, Cat# COMM41 CD/LP

Recording available from
Midheaven Mail Order   &  
Double U - Absurd Fjord

"Absurd Fjord introduced a vocalist (Matt Hall) who croaks like Tom Waits, a guitar that meows like Jeff Cotton's, a rhythm section that Frank Zappa would have loved (Orange Catholic Bible, Great Deceiver)." -

Ephemeral Music

  • Philosophy of the World (Better Than the Beatles: A Tribute to the Shaggs CD, Animal World Recording)

  • Beetle Lantern Bog Swap (Badaboom Gramophone # 4 CD compilation)

  • Brambles (Cool Beans magazine CD compilation; soundtrack to Matt Hall's animated film)

  • Lonely Woman and Taps (VHF promo CD)

  • Giatra (Escargot magazine CD compilation)

  • We Hook (A Tribute to the Hanatarash CD compilation, Stomach Ache)

  • Happy Cow/St. Guiseppe 7-inch (Communion wedding souvenir), August 15, 1993 (thanks, GH)