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Matt Hall (vocals & guitar)
Alex Behr (keyboards & bass)
Geoff Soule (drums)

Matt Hall is from Iowa City. He started playing bass in the early 80s in the punk rock band STIFF LEGGED SHEEP. He moved to San Francisco as soon as he could. He played bass in GLORIOUS DIN, has recorded with THE FUCKING CHAMPS and has recorded and toured with his cousin VIRGIL SHAW.

Alex Behr is from Virginia, she moved to San Francisco in 1983. She has recorded and performed with HEAVENLY TEN STEMS, JOB'S DAUGHTERS, BARBARA MANNING, DUMBHEAD, CAROLINER RAINBOW OPEN WOUND CHORALE, and THE 1978 NORTHERN VIRGINIA REGIONAL CHORUS.

Matt & Alex met in 1990. Together with drummer Gary Held they released Absurd Fjord (1996) and The Double U vs. Glands of External Secretion (1997). Gary left the band and Matt & Alex were joined by drummer Chris "Fozzy" Holden and singer/songwriter Linda Hagood (SMACK DAB). They released Falling Lanterns (2000) and White Night, Floating Anchor (2002).

In 2003 Matt & Alex moved from SF to Portland, Oregon. They began writing and recording with drummer Geoff Soule (FIBULATOR, FUCK, STAFF). Their record Hibou Mécanique will be available October 2007.